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More on the Border Between Iran and Iraq

Craig Murray, former head of the British Foreign Office’s Maritime Section and former ambassador to Uzbekistan further highlights the lack of an internationally recognized border in the region the British sailors were captured. This makes it impossible for either Britain or Iran to confidently claim that HMS Cornwall was or was not trespassing.

Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Mail:

“How can you be certain which side of a boundary you are when that boundary has never been drawn?

There is no agreed boundary in the Northern Gulf, either between Iran and Iraq or between Iraq and Kuwait. The Iran-Iraq border has been agreed inside the Shatt al-Arab waterway, because there it is also the land border. But that agreement does not extend beyond the low tide line of the coast.

Even that very limited agreement is arguably no longer in force. Since it was reached in 1975, a war has been fought over it, and ten-year reviews – necessary because waters and sandbanks in this region move about dramatically – have never been carried out.

But what about the map the Ministry of Defence produced on Tuesday, with territorial boundaries set out by a clear red line, and the co-ordinates of the incident marked in relation to it?”

More on this at the Daily Mail.

Craig Murray has been keenly and technically analyzing the situation at his blog. It’s a good read for those interested in further background.

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