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Speculating on Student Debt

Below is an excerpt of a post at Mute. It’s by the Committee for Radical Diplomacy:

I wake up at ten to a call from the bank, concerned that while in Berlin I withdrew cash without letting them know I would be out of the country. A text message follows stating: ‘Next time, let us know so that we can protect your interests.’

Beyond late, I get on my bicycle and pedal frantically to class. I have not had time to do the reading as I spent last night working and was too wired to read the Grundisse when I got home. (I repeat to myself, ‘next time I will read, I will force myself to read. I have no business doing a PhD if I do not force myself to read.’)

In class I nearly fall asleep several times. It’s hot and they are clearing out asbestos from the hallway, but I try to put up my hand a few times to keep the conversation going. It’s hard as the other students are tired too. So is the professor, who tells us she is in the process of ticking a thousand boxes on her AHRC grant application to get a sabbatical.

I hear about four conferences happening in the next week. I can go to none of them. I’m working. One is called ‘Knowledge for Wealth Creation’. I roll my eyes.

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