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Hamas’ Victory in Gaza

Below is an excerpt from a post by Charles Levinson, at Conflict Blotter:

I just got back from a couple hours of reporting at Abbas’ presidential compound and Mohammad Dahlan’s house. Dahlan’s house was utterly trashed. It was the most thorough looting I have ever seen.

By the time we got there all the furniture, including the toilets and bathtubs were long gone and swarms of Palestinians, young and old, were digging into the house’s infrastructure, ripping out electrical wiring from the walls, tearing out ceramic tiles from the bathroom, and ripping up the marble flooring. They were hammering out door frames, pulling wooden slats off the roof, carting out handfuls of spanish roofing tiles, and digging up the garden plants. Looters were uprooting 25 foot tall palm trees.

The boy digging up the tree paused and turned to us. “He lives like a king, and we have nothing to eat,” he said, before returning to his work.

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