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Reforming France’s Education System: Sarkozy at Work

Bob Zaslavsky writes in The Sunday Paper:

Newly elected President Sarkozy recently announced plans to reform French education, beginning at the top with the French public university system, especially France’s venerable flagship college, the Sorbonne.

The Sorbonne, founded in 1257, is located in the famed Quartier Latin, in the fifth arrondissement. It is the core of the total complex now called the Université de Paris.

…the halls of the Sorbonne have witnessed much of the history of ideas in Western civilization. This is a treasury of tradition that should not be taken lightly. Instead, it should be revered and perpetuated, maintained and emulated. But there is more than a tradition of uncompromising academic rigor and excellence to admire about the Sorbonne.

There is also its remarkable egalitarianism. Anyone who desires a first-rate education has the chance to acquire it. There are no extraneous entrance requirements, no SAT or ACT tests. Any student with a high school diploma may enroll at no charge. This means that its education is available to the poorest of the poor no less than to the richest of the rich. This is the kind of equality of educational opportunity about which we, in this country, no longer even dream.

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