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Sarko’s Mountain

Patrice de Beer writes in openDemocracy:

Nicolas Sarkozy triumphed on 17 June 2007 for the second time in less than two months. The man elected French president on 6 May, who wanted to give back to the right its conservative pride, obtained a clear working majority in the second round of legislative elections with 60% of the seats in the national assembly. It is the fulfilment of any successful politician’s dream: for the first time since 1978 a sitting majority has been returned to power.

Anyone else would have felt gratified by this popular seal of approval which should allow this man always in a hurry to implement his bold election promises to change France on a conservative path. So why this gloom in the winning camp while the defeated left – or what’s left of it besides the Parti Socialiste (PS) – is grinning as if it had won?

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  1. Christiane Bastillette
    May 14, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Me voilà franchement enervée.J’ai choisi François Hollande au 2eme tour parce que j’étais convaincue de changement qui était annoncé et à la conception d’une équipe irréprochable. Quelle trahison de voir que François Hollande fait le choix en tant que premier ministre Jean Marc Ayrault, qui est tout sauf irréprochable ! Ayrault a clairement était condamné à 6 mois de prison pour fait de favoritisme. Grande déception….

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