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Union with the Devil

George Monbiot writes in The Guardian and Monbiot.com:

The trade unions still rage about the class war, but keep funding their class enemies.

Gordon Brown appears to have tested them. It is as if he wanted to discover how far he can go before the affiliated trade unions – which provide most of the Labour party’s funds – decide that they have had enough. The results must reassure him: they will tolerate any level of abuse. Turkeys led by chickens, they will never stop voting for Christmas.

His government of all the talents has room for no professional trade unionist. But it does contain their sworn enemy. The new minister for trade and investment, now responsible for much of the policy that will affect union members, was not just the head of the Confederation of British Industry; he was the most neanderthal boss the CBI has ever had. Digby Jones campaigned to freeze the minimum wage, neuter the EU’s working time directive, block corporate killing laws, promote privatisation, cripple environmental rules, curtail maternity leave. Of the unions he said, “they are an irrelevance. They are backward looking and not on today’s agenda.”(1) As if to show who the boss is, Comrade Digby refuses to join the Labour Party: he has been permitted to enter the government on his own terms.

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