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News in Brief: 25 July 2007

A brief list of news for the day:

Pratibha sworn in as India’s first woman President. History was made today when Pratibha Patil was sworn in as the country’s first woman President, who favoured socially inclusive economic growth and unity in the fight against divisive tendencies like communalism. (The Hindu)

Korean hostage killed: Taliban. Afghanistan’s Taliban killed one of the 23 Korean hostages on Wednesday after Kabul failed to free Taliban prisoners, a spokesman for the group said, adding insurgents would kill more if their demands were not met. (Reuters/Globe & Mail)

US-Iran Agree to Form Joint Committee. The second round of US-Iran talks have resulted in a significant breakthrough, with the two sides agreeing to form a new panel for more regular cooperation on Iraq security issues. (IraqSlogger)

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper Visits Haiti. Haiti was the final stop in Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper’s tour of Latin American. Haiti is now Canada’s largest recipient of aid after Afghanistan. A large delegation of Canadian journalists traveled with Harper, embedded with him throughout the trip. (Haitianalysis.com)

Ethiopia evicts Red Cross from volatile region. “We have asked the ICRC to leave the region within seven days because they have been meddling in the region’s affairs,” said Jema Ahmed Jema, the vice-president of the region. The eastern region is also known as Somali and shelters an ethnic Somali rebellion – the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) – on which the government is trying to keep a lid. (Middle East Times)

Abdullah Mehsud blows himself up. Taliban leader Abdullah Mehsud blew himself up to avoid arrest after he was surrounded by security forces in a house in Zhob, Balochistan on Tuesday.A Pakistani intelligence official said Mehsud was intercepted on his way back from Afghanistan’s Helmand province, where the official said he led supporters fighting alongside the Taliban against Afghan and US forces. (Daily Times)

Deadly rocket fire hits Pakistan. Four rockets fired into a city in northwestern Pakistan have killed at least nine people and wounded 35, police say. (Al Jazeera)

Experts question U.S. strategy in Pakistan. The Bush administration’s strategy for pursuing al-Qaida in Pakistan’s tribal region could stoke support for the Islamic militants who are protecting the terrorist network’s leaders and battling Pakistan’s U.S.-backed military regime. (McClatchy)

Nahr al-Bared shelling intensifies. The Lebanese army has intensified its shelling of Fatah al-Islam positions inside the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp near the northern city of Tripoli.More than 200 people, including 118 soldiers, have died since fighting first broke out in Tripoli and at the camp on May 20, according to the army. (Al Jazeera)

Iran makes more arrests in US-Iranians’ case. Iran has arrested an unspecified number of persons linked with two US-Iranian academics detained for harming national security. (Khaleej Times)

French envoy presses feuding politicians toward dialogue in Lebanon. French envoy Jean-Claude Cousseran continued his rounds of talks with Lebanese politicians on Tuesday, as part of France’s initiative to relaunch dialogue between feuding leaders here in time for the Saturday arrival of French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner in Beirut. (Daily Star)

European Union asking AK Party for concrete reform. The EU has reacted with overt satisfaction and enthusiasm to the electoral victory of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), with members of the European Parliament and the European Commission interpreting the election results as a sound vote of confidence for the AK Party to pursue EU reforms. (Todays Zaman)

Mexican pipeline attacks could jeopardize exports. Saboteurs who blew up natural gas pipelines that shut down one of Mexico’s main industrial regions earlier this month also crippled an important crude oil pipeline in an operation that indicated extensive knowledge of Mexico’s energy infrastructure, U.S. officials said Tuesday. (McClatchy)

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