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Iraq: Mismanagement or Mass Murder?

Michael Atkinson writes in In The Times:

Take a step back and scan the media horizon for what it is, and something surprising arises from the vast, swampy trashland of corporate baloney and thought-control—the protest documentary. As in, hundreds of them, in theaters, on DVD and on TV. On-the-shoulder non-fiction films about the Bush administration and the Iraq war have proliferated like dandelions on a landfill. (You could count the feature docs about the Vietnam War made during the conflict itself on two hands.) We are witness to the most concentrated explosion of anti-war, anti-elite cultural action ever created.

But so what? The tsunami of movies has made little difference in the end. What the Bush Administration has conscientiously proven in its two terms is that if a cabal of mercenary schemers wants to twist the system to manufacture at least a temporary monarchal society, in which citizens have no input or voice, it can. The movies, coming week after week for years, enabled by digital technology in production as well as distribution, can only raise so much of a rumpus in the country’s tired, under-informed and often infantile forebrain.

Such will surely be the case, at no large fault of its own, for Charles Ferguson’s No End in Sight, which at least has a special Jury Prize from the 2007 Sundance film festival on its resume.

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