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Classic Battle in Left Bastion of Kerala: Church vs. State

KA Shaji writes in Tehelka:

The spectre of the Vimochana Samaram (liberation struggle), which culminated in the dismissal of EMS Namboodiripad’s first Communist government in Kerala in 1959, is back to haunt the VS Achuthanandan-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) government. The Catholic Church, which stage-managed the show almost 50 years ago with the Nair Service Society, is now busy studying the mood of the faithful to re-enact its second episode.

“Kerala has turned into the devil’s own country under Marxist rule,” exhorted Thrissur Syro-Malabar Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhathu. “We would not allow the atheists to control our educational institutions… The memories of the liberation struggle of 1959 are still fresh in our memories. And we will resort to that if the government continues its anti-minority policies,” the archbishop declared in a meeting of the employees of educational institutions run by the archdiocese.

“People still remember the liberation struggle of 1959 by which the Christians helped overthrow the world’s first democratically elected Communist regime. The struggle against the Communists (who assumed power in 1957) began in 1958 and ended with the government’s dismissal in 1959. The Achuthanandan government would suffer the same fate if it continues to interfere with the educational rights of the minorities,” the archbishop told Tehelka.

“The Supreme Court has annulled most anti-minority clauses of the controversial legislation which was brought to regulate the self-financing professional colleges. That law is unconstitutional. Now, the government is resorting to coercive tactics to impose their wish on minority institutions. We would not allow that,” the archbishop added.

The archbishop is not sitting idle after making the statement. He has forced almost all bishops in Kerala to issue pastoral letters to the faithful, urging them to go to any extent to overthrow the government.

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