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Haiti: Two Years since Gran Ravin Massacres

Evel Fanfan and Tom Luce write in Haitianalysis:

On August 20th of 2005 the duly elected government of President René Préval had not been even envisioned. The out-law government of U.S. backed Gérard Latortue was proceeding with the agenda of eliminating pro-Aristide forces. Anti-Lavalas militias were cooperating with elements of the Haitian National Police that summer with full impunity as they carried out vengeance killings. Among these groups was the Little Machete Army based in Gran Ravin and headed by Rudy Kernizan.

The police head of the west department of Port-Au-Prince, Carlo Lochard, organized within his office a plan, utilizing members of the Little Machete Army, to arrest prominent Lavalas leaders, allegedly armed and violent, at a summer, “peace” soccer tournament at St. Bernadette’s soccer field in Martissant an inner city zone on the flatlands leading to the harbor. The plan escalated into a Rwanda style massacre with Little Machete Army members hacking people to death, and the police shooting victims as well, over 50 dead. A follow-up massacre in Gran Ravin was carried out by the police including house burnings the day after. A total of 15 police were eventually arrested for this governmental crime, but were released, case closed, in February of 2006, just before the election of President Préval, by Judge Jean Peres-Paul.

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