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Benazir Bhutto in Government?

Future of Democracy in Pakistan on FORA.tv
View Benazir Bhutto: Future of Democracy in Pakistan on FORA.tv

Due to Pakistan’s growing instability, president Musharraf’s reign is growing increasingly shaky. Pakistan, under Musharraf, has been a key regional ally to the US, and it plays a vital role in the US and NATO strategy in Afghanistan. With the potential for a turbulent change of government, its ties to the West may be weakened or severed, serving as yet another example of Washington’s failure to control Central Asia and the Middle East. For that reason, Washington is keen to stabilize Pakistan and maintain that country within its sphere.

It’s likely that a new candidate will be needed in order to soften the edges of Pakistan’s present governing structure. Benazir Bhutto is a prime candidate. She is the chairperson of the opposition Pakistan People’s Party, and has previously served as a prime minister, before being dismissed by the then president of Pakistan. This confrontation, as well as her general opposition to Musharraf serves to present her as someone outside the current regime that could well be injected as a political vaccine to what has so far been an infectious problem of growing strife from a multitude of opposition movements. Meanwhile, Bhutto is seen as someone who could maintain close ties with the US, and prevent a face losing and strategic failure in Washington’s maneuvers in Central Asia.

Washington is eager to avoid its bungling and poorly conceived strategies throwing yet another country into chaos and opposition to the doctrine of American ‘full spectrum dominance‘, adding to the bog that’s been sucking at the heels of its military and foreign affairs policy from Central Asia to the shores of the Mediterranean. So, there have been increasing talks of power-sharing between Musharraf and Bhutto.

While the waters are tested within Pakistan’s populace through intentional leaks and rumours, Bhutto warms up her American and Western audience of intellectuals and policy-makers with speeches and press releases, so that she can gain support as heir-apparent.

Bhutto made one such speech on 20 July 2007, at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Fora.tv has a video stream of the entire lecture on its website. You can watch the video by clicking on the above image.

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