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Germany, the Re-engineered Ally

Axel Brot writes a three part series on a re-engineering of Germany’s global military policy under the leadership of Angela Merkel. The essay is published online, at Asia Times.

Part 1: Readiness for endless war >>
Part 2: Everything is broken >>
Part 3: Hail to the chief, or else >>

Below is a short excerpt from Part 1:

Not long ago, expectations that Europe might step up as a counterweight to US imperial policies focused on Germany, as a known moderating, non-military force in international politics. But now “Old Europe”, led by Germany with France close behind, is in a hurry to kiss and make up with Washington after their estrangement. There are “old hands” within the German establishment who are looking with dismay at this evolution of German policies. Their warning voices, though, are largely unheard amid the narrative of the terrorist menace, which serves to propel and legitimize Germany’s readiness for endless war.

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