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Taleban and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Informed Comment Global Affairs has posted a translation of an article from an Afghan paper regarding the Taleban’s recent diplomatic efforts. Below is an excerpt:

Afghan paper says Taleban trying to represent themselves in a new shape.

Text of editorial in Dari, “Post-war Taleban, taking the initiative of foreign policy”, published by independent Afghan newspaper Cheragh on 18 August.

During the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting on Thursday (16 Aug) in Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, the Taleban, besides sending an open letter to heads of the states participating at the SCO meeting on behalf of their leadership council, asked the SCO to focus its attention on a number of issues over which this group (Taleban) was accused of violations, both in the past and now.

In this letter, the Taleban not only wanted the SCO to refrain from viewing the purpose of their fight through the eyes of the Americas, which is negative and “unrealistic”, they also wanted the organization to reconsider its views on the Taleban because, according to the content of the letter, the Taleban are no longer terrorists and are not after interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. The letter also says the Taleban are not against the national interests and territorial integrity of any countries but respect them.

The Taleban spokesman says Afghanistan has been occupied by the USA and therefore waging war is their indisputable right.

Read the complete text >>

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