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Marcus P. Adams reviews Eric Matthews book on philosophy, Mind. Below is an excerpt:

The book is divided into six chapters: Mind and soul; Minds and brains; Subjectivity, intentionality, and behavior; Animals and machines; Other minds; and Reasons and causes. In the first two chapters, Matthews’ focus is to describe historical characterizations of the mind held by philosophers.

In chapter one Matthews outlines crucial differences between the concept of mind in Aristotle’s and Descartes’ writings. Although Matthews purports to only introduce the views he favors beginning in chapter three (see pp. vii-viii), he makes his opinion resoundingly clear at certain points in his discussion of Cartesian dualism. While Matthew’s opinion is evident in this discussion, he does deal well with the standard objections against Cartesian dualism so that a reader unfamiliar with the terrain would be able to follow along easily. In the second chapter, Matthews continues the historical account and details the eliminative materialism advocated by, for example, Paul and Patricia Churchland.

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