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Some aspects of Chávez’s constitutional reform

Eduardo Dimas writes in Pregreso Weekly:

I read in a Spanish newspaper that President Hugo Chávez’s proposal for a constitutional reform is a way to remain indefinitely in power. That’s possible. Except that he would have to be elected repeatedly by the Venezuelan people. Therefore, an indefinite mandate does not depend exactly on him but on the popular acceptance he will have. Chávez has already been elected four times, if we include the famous recall referendum of 2004, which turned out to be a vote of confidence on his administration.

Most of the Venezuelan news media opposed to Chávez’s proposal call it a coup d’état. If that were so, it would be the strangest coup in history, because the reform bill was sent to Parliament, where it will be debated, passed or amended by the legislators, and from there it will go to the barrios, towns, cities and rural areas for discussion. Later, it will be put to a popular referendum.

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