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I’m Thinking Out Loud

I’m going to think out loud here… put my thoughts up in a post. I’ve, through some measure of care and planning, arranged a bit more time to research and potentially write on political issues. This may warrant a transformation to the site.

Let’s say that I’m considering putting up opinion pieces on a near daily basis. Also, to put up fully-sourced and researched articles on a weekly basis. That’s consideration number one.

Also, I’d like to add something similar to the News in Brief section, and maybe call it the Weekly Weapons Journal. It would have snippets of news on arms trades, shipments, some analysis, and links to original documents for the week, as written by magazines, dailies, and journals. I may add my own thoughts and comments to these, mainly to provide context and highlight longer-term patterns. This is thought number two.

I’m considering having all excerpts and links to posts and articles written by sources outside of this site to be organized in a couple of daily posts. One post would have political, geo-political, culture, science, art, etc articles. The other post would have academic essays, interviews, etc. I wonder if I should separate all audio and video into their own post-bundle. I don’t have names for these yet.

Each daily post-bundle would have the title of outside articles, a very short excerpt, and link, all listed in probably no specific order other than theme and relevance.

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