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Academic Roundup: Networks and Money Creation

Contagion and Repetition: On the Viral Logic of Network Culture. The article analyzes the diagrammatic logic of the viral in network capitalism. Combining strands from post-Fordist philosophy, meme theory, and computer virus technology, the text aims to provide tentative ideas of the infectious quality of the network object in digital culture. (Jussi Parikka, ephemera)

Money creation and the U.S. Federal Reserve. I hope in this post to get beyond these sound bites, beginning if I may with some details of the process whereby money is created in the United States. Where did the cash in your wallet come from? Presumably you got it from your bank or ATM. And the reason that the bank was willing to give you that cash was that you already had deposits in an account with the bank, which were in effect credits to obtain cash when you wanted it. And where did your bank get that cash? (James Hamilton, Econbrowser)

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