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News in Brief: 20 August 2008

A brief list of news for the day:

Rice Signs Missile Deal With Poland. Despite fierce opposition from Moscow, the United States and Poland signed a long-stalled agreement on Wednesday to place an American missile defense base on Polish territory. (New York Times)

Abkhahzia to appeal to Russia for recognition. Georgia’s rebel region of Abkhazia will lodge a formal appeal with Moscow on Wednesday to be recognized as an independent state, the parliamentary speaker for the autonomous region told news agency Interfax. (Khaleej Times)

Israeli aid to Georgia encourages Syria-Russia ties. Syrian President Bashar Assad was scheduled to leave for Russia on Wednesday for a two-day visit that has been described by analysts as important at a time when Moscow may be considering closer ties with the Arab world. (Haaretz)

Russia builds Ossetia ‘buffer zone’. Russian troops are fortifying a “buffer zone” around the disputed South Ossetia region with eight military posts and a ban on Georgian aircraft, a senior Russian commander has said. (Al Jazeera)

US falters on NATO’s failure. United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s bluster over stopping Russia in its tracks rings hollow. Russia has drawn a line in the sand and short of destabilizing Europe, there is practically nothing the US can do about it. (Asia Times)

Taliban Fill Power Void in Kabul? The ambush that killed 10 NATO soldiers outside of Kabul on Tuesday, the worst battlefield loss for western forces since the war began, was the capstone in a week of high-profile insurgent activities in Afghanistan. (IPS)

India-US Nuclear Deal. The Indian is likely to meet US President Bush next month to complete the formalities of the nuclear deal. The US State Department has hinted of an early wrap up. (Times of India)

India: Over 10,000 protesters held. More than 10,000 CITU and members of other Left-affiliated unions were arrested across Tamil Nadu for staging road and rail blockades. (Times of India)

Bush buried Musharraf’s al-Qaeda links. Former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf’s cozy relationship with the US earned him lavish political and economic benefits. But behind the public support, the George W Bush administration covered up the Musharraf regime’s involvement in the Abdul Qadeer Khan nuclear export scandal and its deals… (Asia Times)

Bomb Kills 2, Injures Up to 13 In Sochi. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev quickly ordered his envoy to the Southern Federal District, Vladimir Ustinov, to oversee the investigation of the explosion, the second deadly blast in the last five weeks in Sochi, which is to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. (Moscow Times)

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