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News in Brief: 21 August 2008

A brief list of news for the day:

Taliban Claim Pakistan Suicide Blasts That Kill 46. At least 45 people were killed and 60 injured in a well-coordinated suicide bomb attack on a high-level army munitions factory on Thursday, the latest in a series of militant attacks against Pakistani government targets. (Washington Post)

Three Polish soldiers killed in Afghanistan. U.S.-led coalition troops killed more than 30 insurgents in a battle in eastern Afghanistan while three Polish soldiers serving with NATO forces died in a roadside blast elsewhere, officials said Thursday. (Globe and Mail)

Afghan numbers don’t add up. From the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to think-tanks, the consensus is that more troops must be sent to Afghanistan to counter the spiraling insurgency. The emergence of warlords on the side of the Taliban, though, has added a new dimension to the struggle. (Asia Times)

Rice Discusses Troop Withdrawals With Iraqis. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived here this morning for a high level push to overcome remaining differences with the Iraqi government over an agreement on the future presence of U.S. forces in Iraq. (Washington Post)

Georgian Crisis Brings Attitude Change to a Flush Poland. The events in the Caucasus, and threats of attack after a deal was signed to place an American missile defense base in Poland, have cast a pall of doubt over the country. (New York Times)

Philippines to scrap peace deal with rebels: govt. The Philippine government has scrapped its controversial peace deal with the country’s Muslim minority after two weeks of deadly clashes in the south, the presidential palace said Thursday. (Khaleej Times/AFP)

Rebels push to sever Georgia ties. The separatist leaders of Georgia’s breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have urged Russia to recognise their independence, at mass rallies. (BBC)

Blast hits police in western Turkey. At least 13 people, among them policemen and soldiers, have been injured in an explosion in the western Turkish city of Izmir, according to Turkish media. (Al Jazeera)

Ceasefire violations unacceptable, says India. Earlier in the day Pakistani troops targetted Nowshera sector in Jammu and Kashmir and fired six mortar shells. (Times of India)

Hizbullah ‘understands’ Salafists’ froze pact under pressure. Hizbullah said on Wednesday that the Salafist groups which signed a memorandum of understanding with the resistance earlier this week opted to freeze the agreement “under pressure.” The eight-item memorandum between Hizbullah and representatives of Sunni Salafist groups banned internal strife between Muslims as well as all forms of sectarian incitement. (Daily Star)

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