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News in Brief: 5 September 2008

A brief list of news for the day:

India pledges inadequate for nuclear deal. Forty-five countries considering lifting a ban on nuclear trade with India welcomed an Indian pledge on Friday to honor non-proliferation pacts it has not signed but some felt it did not go far enough, diplomats said. (Gulf News)

Sri Lanka army advances on Tigers. Government forces say they have taken a town near Tamil Tiger headquarters of Kilinochchi. (Al Jazeera)

Pakistan reinstates judges sacked by Musharraf. Pakistan today reinstated three supreme court judges sacked by Pervez Musharraf, who was forced to resign as president last month. But the government did not restore Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudry, the outspoken chief justice seen as a symbol of resistance to Musharraf. (Guardian)

Afghanistan’s war has a new battlefield. The raids this week by United States special forces into Pakistan in search of al-Qaeda and militant leaders mark a new era for Pakistan under president-in-waiting Asif Ali Zardari. (Asia Times)

Rice primed for historic Libya visit. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she’s excited about a landmark trip she will make to Libya on Friday, becoming the highest-ranking American official to visit the North African country in more than a half-century. (AP)

U.S. risks Russia row with Ukraine backing. The United States has backed Ukraine’s bid for NATO membership a day after similarly supporting Georgia, in a move which may further stoke tensions with Russia. U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney, right, met with Ukraine’s pro-Western president Victor Yushchenko a day after his trip to Georgia. (CNN)

China still on-side with Russia. The West is engaged in a premature celebration of the death of the China-Russia relationship following Beijing’s perceived lack of support for Moscow’s intervention in Georgia. This is a misreading of China’s evolution to normal ties with Russia after going though “honeymoon” and “divorce” periods… (Asia Times)

Russia Consolidates its Position as a Black Sea power: The US, Nato and the Geopolitics of the War in Georgia. If the struggle in the Caucasus was ever over oil and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO’s) agenda towards Central Asia, the United States suffered a colossal setback this week. (Japan Focus)

Russian units raid Georgian airfields for use in Israeli strike against Iran. The Russian raids of two Georgian airfields, which Tbilisi had allowed Israel to use for a potential strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, followed the Georgian offensive against South Ossetia on Aug. 7. (DEBKAfile)

US warship carries aid to Georgian port. The flagship of the US Navy’s Mediterranean fleet anchored outside the key Georgian port of Poti today, bringing in tons of humanitarian aid to a port still partially occupied by hundreds of Russian troops. (The Independent/AP)

Bhutto Widower With Clouded Past Is Set to Lead. Asif Ali Zardari will start his tenure as Pakistan’s president burdened by unproven corruption allegations. (New York Times)

Poland probes possible secret CIA prison. The Polish prosecutor’s office is investigating allegations that there was a CIA prison in Poland where al Qaeda suspects were questioned and guards might have used methods close to torture, the prime minister’s top adviser said. (FT)

LEBANON: Belligerence on the Rise Again. In Israel or Dahiyeh — a Beirut suburb and Hezbollah’s headquarters — belligerent talk is on the rise. Accusations are coming from both sides of the border with increasing frequency — and violence. In recent weeks, Israeli security officials have voiced growing concern about Lebanon, especially after Hezbollah obtained official legitimacy for its resistance activities from the ministerial declaration adopted by the newly formed unity cabinet on Aug. 4. (IPS)

Farewell Mr. Fukuda. The political mood on the streets here was disheartening as Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda announced his resignation at a hastily arranged press conference Monday night in Tokyo. (Far East Economic Review)

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