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News in Brief: 2 December 2008

A brief list of news for the day:

Storm Brews in South Asia: India-Pakistan conflict and the US-Afghan Connection. No sooner had the guns fallen silent and the terrorist carnage ended in Mumbai than a keen three-way diplomatic tussle began involving India, Pakistan and the United States. The two South Asian nuclear powers are locked in race to get the US on their respective side. (Japan Focus)

Thai Court Orders Ruling Party Disbanded. Thailand’s Constitutional Court on Tuesday banned Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat from office and dissolved three political parties involved in the ruling coalition after concluding that the current government was involved in vote buying and other irregularities in elections last year. (Washington Post)

Bomb Attacks Kill at Least 27, Wound Dozens in Iraq. Bombing attacks targeting Iraqi security forces in Baghdad and a U.S. patrol in the northern city of Mosul left at least 27 people dead and dozens more injured, Iraqi officials said, making Monday one of the deadliest days in recent weeks in Iraq. (Washington Post)

NATO okays pact to boost security, political ties with Israel. The agreement allows for an exchange of intelligence information and security expertise on different subjects, an increase in the number of joint Israel-NATO military exercises and further cooperation in the fight against nuclear proliferation. It also paves the way for an improvement of collaboration in the fields of rearmament and logistics and Israel’s electronic link to the NATO system. (Haaretz)

Settlers clash with Israeli troops, Palestinians. Dozens of Jewish settlers rioted Tuesday in the West Bank town of Hebron, clashing with the Israeli troops who guard them but who may also soon evict them from a disputed building they’ve occupied. (Globe and Mail)

Explosion rips through India train. Three people have been killed and more than 30 wounded after a blast ripped through a passenger train in India’s northeastern state of Assam, police officials said. Separatist rebels are often blamed for attacks in Assam state, a region wracked by violence over the past few decades. (Al Jazeera)

India Demands Pakistan Hand Over Fugitives. With tensions high after the Mumbai attacks, India demanded that Pakistan hand over 20 people wanted under Indian law. (New York Times)

At odds with Japanese political sense. The controversial views on Japan’s wars of aggression by fired General Tamogami Toshio are not shared by the mainstream, but that doesn’t mean he stands alone. Should a similar historical consciousness prevail among the governing elite, the country could very well experience a reign of extremist foreign policy ideas comparable to those of neo-conservatives in the United States. (Asia Times)

Russia: Countering U.S. Missile Plans. Russia plans to upgrade its missiles to allow them to evade American weapons in space and penetrate any prospective missile shield, a Russian officer said Monday. (New York Times)

Iran Holds Naval War Games In Strategic Waterway. Iran said it has begun six days of naval war games in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, the strategic transport route for global oil supplies that the Islamic republic has threatened to close if it is attacked. (Radio Free Europe)

Afghanistan: Iran Forcing Afghan Refugees to Return. Afghan politicians have sharply criticized the Iranian government for deporting more than 8,850 Afghans during the past week. (EurasiaNet)

Migrant workers being smuggled to Lebanon from Philippines – officials. Filipino migrant workers are being smuggled to Lebanon with the help of corrupt immigration officials in Manila who work alongside illegal employment syndicates, senior politicians in the Philippines have warned. (The Daily Star)

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