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News in Brief: 26 December 2008

A brief list of news for the day:

NATO awaits new leadership. In 2009, NATO will celebrate its 60th anniversary at a summit meeting in Strasbourg and Kehl, a small German city just across the border. That meeting should anoint a secretary general to succeed Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, the Dutch diplomat whose low-key period in office ends in July. Already there is discreet jockeying for the job. (IHT)

Afghanistan, Iran and US-Russian Conflict. The measure of success of president-elect Barack Obama’s new “Afghan strategy” will be directly proportional to his ability to delink the war from its geopolitical agenda inherited from the George W. Bush administration. (Japan Focus)

Lebanon: Christians Step Uneasily Closer to Syria. Christian Lebanese have been long-time foes of the Syrian regime, and their history is tainted with blood, mistrust and assassinations. This month, one of Lebanon’s’ leading Christian leaders, Gen. Michel Aoun, visited Syria, ending years of dissension between his party, the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), and the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. (IPS)

Pakistan cancels military leave. Pakistan has cancelled leave for members of its military due to fears of a confrontation with India following last month’s Mumbai attacks. (al Jazeera)

Nato goods’ terminals being shifted to Punjab. The companies ferrying military hardware and other goods to Nato and US forces in Afghanistan have started shifting their logistic terminals to Punjab after recent series of attacks in Peshawar and prevailing insecurity in the region, sources say. (DAWN)

Israel opens Gaza crossings. Israel reopened border crossings with the Gaza Strip today, easing tensions a day after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert issued a “last-minute” warning to Hamas militants to stop firing rockets or pay a heavy price. (The Independent/Reuters)

China naval ships to leave for Somali waters. Three Chinese naval vessels are scheduled to leave for the waters off Somalia on Friday to help tackle rampant piracy in a sign of the country’s rising global clout and diplomatic and military ambitions. (Khaleej Times/Reuters)

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