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Images of and from Gaza

A Norwegian doctor is interviewed from Gaza, by CBS. He reports that almost all casualties are civilians, that the injured range over two thousand, that operations are held around the clock, and that half of the injured are children or women. He goes on to explain that people in Gaza have nowhere to flee to, so inevitably the attacks will hit them hard.

Al Jazeera reports on dead and injured children in Israel’s ongoing occupation of Gaza. Entire families are wiped out after taking shelter in their homes, or, at times, a single member survives to tell the tale.

Video of chaos from the dead and injured in Gaza, including children and officials.

This video is from the Israel Defense Force spokesperson’s YouTube page. Essentially, it’s an official site and to quote it is, “responsible for media and public relations in Israel and around the world.” The short video is of a recent air strike, from cockpit view. The footage is so clean (and abstract) that it would be easy to forget that hundreds of civilians have died, many more have been, water and sewage systems collapsing in Gaza, hospitals overwhelmed and running out of medicine while people die waiting on surgeries.

A reporter spends a night with a family in Gaza city.

Video of air strikes and their aftermath from 28 December, in Gaza.

The following are pictures from Gaza.

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