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News in Brief: 3 April 2009

Big Powers Moving In on Gaza. Nine NATO member states agreed last month to utilise naval, intelligence and diplomatic resources to combat the alleged flow of arms into the Gaza Strip. Some Egyptian commentators see the move as a surreptitious means of cementing foreign control over the region. (IPS)

Iran To Un: Seizure Of Cargo From Arms Ship Has ‘no Legal Basis’. The seizure of explosives from a Cypriot-flagged Iranian ship believed to be bound for Gaza has “no legal basis,” Iran complained in a letter to the UN Security Council released Friday. (Turkish Weekly)

India split over terror trial. India is in uproar over the trial of the lone surviving terrorist of last year’s Mumbai attacks, with angry groups pelting his lawyer’s house with rocks and demanding he be executed at the spot where he killed civilians. But allowing mob rule or a kangaroo court to decide his fate would cost India dearly. (Asia Times)

NATO Leaders Debate Afghan Strains at Summit. At the news conference with Mr. Sarkozy, Mr. Obama praised a French decision to return to full membership of the alliance after an absence of more than 40 years from its integrated military command. (New York Times)

US-Russia ties on a new trajectory. The meeting this week between United States President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev will not in itself repair the badly damaged relationship between the countries. It does, however, mark a coherent effort to create a critical mass in their ties that could lead to better things. Their agreement on Afghanistan is as good a place as any to start. (Asia Times)

GAO: 2008-09 Weapon Programs Report. The US government’s GAO audit office has issued its 7th annual “Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs report. The report covers a total of 47 Pentagon weapons programs, compares their baseline against current costs and delivery schedule, and reports on these programs’ technical maturity, manufacturing maturity, and current issues. One interesting aspect of this year’s report is the GAO’s report that newer programs started in the last few years seem to be doing better than their predecessors. (Defense Industry Daily)

U.S. Aircraft Targets Sons of Iraq Members. An American military aircraft opened fire Thursday night on Sons of Iraq members who were allegedly spotted placing a roadside bomb north of Baghdad, the U.S. military said Friday. (Washington Post)

A brief list of news clippings for the day:

Afghanistan: Obama Af-Pak Strategy and Afghanistan’s Response. When Obama originally unveiled his Afghan policy blueprint on March 27, government officials and non-governmental actors alike greeted it with a sigh of relief, as it endorsed a strong American commitment to Afghanistan. However, an initial burst of enthusiasm for the new strategy has given way to a more nuanced approach, with Afghans and Afghanistan-based internationals cautioning that the real test will lie in the details, implementation, and prioritization of multiple goals. (Eurasianet)

Fatah-Hamas talks break up again. Talks between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah on a power-sharing government broke up on Thursday for a second time in a month without making any headway, Egyptian mediators said. The talks came to a halt just a day after they began in Cairo.Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said the two sides asked for more time. (The Daily Star)

Armenia Searching For More Foreign Loans. An Armenian government official says the country is seeking additional loans from lending institutions to cushion the effects of the global economic crisis on its economy. (RFE/RL)

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