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$602 million in arms sales reported today

Quite randomly, I decided to do a quick survey of military equipment and services as well as arms sales announced on two military/weapons journals on 5 May. These two journals (ASD News and Defense Industry Daily) have a listing of new arms contract announcements for the day that together total US$602.4 million. I’m sure this does not capture the total of such sales around the world. I didn’t dig very deep, and I haven’t looked into other journals or sources of information. The journals I happened to review I think generally report on sales to Western governments or from Western corporations.

According to a report written for the US Congress (September 2009), between 2001 and 2008, 41% of global arms sales are made by the US, 17% by Russia, 8% by France, 7% by the UK, 4% by Germany, 3% by China, 3% by Italy, 11% by other European countries, and 6% by all others.

Saudi Arabia was the biggest spender among developing nations in terms of arms purchases between 2001 and 2008. That country accounted for 16% of the total money spent.

Here’s the breakdown of the sales I found today:

ATK Receives $52 M Training Tank Ammunition Order From US Army: $52 M (to USA)

Force Protection Receives $24 M Award for 30 Cougar Vehicles: $24 M (to USA)

US Navy Selects BAE-Led Team to Provide ISR&T System: $72 M (to USA)

CAE Awarded New Military Contracts in Europe and Canada: $48.4 (to Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands)

Navistar Receives $191 M in New Vehicle and Upgrade Orders: $191 M (to USA)

BAE Systems Wins New Land Contracts in Nordic Markets: $215 (to Norway and Finland)

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