I need to first outline the purpose of this blog: to share knowledge on politics, culture, philosophy, and world affairs; to promote critical thought; to enhance a capacity for and to encourage debate; and to examine new and old models of (in)effective governance. This, I think, could lead to somethings quite positive: self-awareness and responsibility.

I hope that the process of learning will buoy at least the odd person to cheer at their increasing ease in understanding and articulating simple or complex political issues. And, I hope that witnessing a depth and a variety of informative sources is itself a source of encouragement.


This blog began as a joke. A friend, depressed by a day’s uninformative and negative news reading expressed to me anxiety over her readings. So, I emailed her a mock newspaper with real but constructive news. Within a couple of days I received a solid number of emails from people I knew, or didn’t, asking me if there would be more reports.

It began as a newsletter of sorts, with a growing list of ‘subscribers’. This lasted the greater part of 2001, starting in January, following which it was transformed into a website with sporadic, sometimes feverish, posting from myself and others. The project stalled once I began to travel, study, and work internationally.

As of March 2007, I decided to make a more concerted effort, starting the project again, with a few of the old postings on a new site – this one.

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